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Long Weekends and Absenteeism

Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Long weekends in Canada are national summer “perk”. Who does not enjoy getting an extra day off - with pay? While long weekends are eagerly anticipated by some, there are still those who have to work – retail, hospitality, health care, and law enforcement workers do not enjoy the same holiday benefits as their government or banking counterparts.

Some employees forget that their presence at work is essential to keep the work flowing. When they phone in sick, to say, go to a friend’s cottage, a party, or other holiday event, they leave their fellow workers in a lurch. It is the company’s obligation to demonstrate the importance of working ALL scheduled shifts, even those the prevent workers from enjoying non-work social events. It is the worker’s obligation to come to work as scheduled, recognizing that they are paid 1 1/2 times their wage to compensate for that missed social event.

To all the people working this long weekend, THANK YOU! I know first hand how hard it can be watching friends go to barbeques, or pool parties, when having to fulfil your obligation to your employer. I admire and appreciate your commitment and dedication – I hope your manager says thank you as well. A little appreciation goes a long way. Good employee relations does not have to cost a bundle.   Enjoy the Civic Holiday!  TD

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