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Dealing with “Summer Time Blues”

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

Many workers during the summer seem to lose focus at work. Warm weather, impending (or just finished) vacations, and kids sports seem to take their mind off their work. Who can blame them? Summer is the one time of the year that Canadians are not worried about driving in bad weather, bundling up to stay warm, or getting enough sunlight to keep them healthy.

Employers should anticipate the “hazy, lazy days of summer” and find ways to let staff know they understand. A great way to do this is to rotate “early bird Fridays” or “Monday morning roll-ins”. Believe me, the production a company may lose by letting staff leave early on Fridays or come in late on Mondays will be returned ten-times over in commitment, increased energy, and appreciation.

It’s time we begin to look at the world of work differently, don’t you think?

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